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    Flour Collection

    Experience Our Flour Collection…

    We select the best grain from the richest crops produced by farmers, so you can bake and cook with the finest flours.


    1) Plain Flour – Code 36405

    Fine white flour milled with the best white wheats for general purpose.
    Applications: Batters, Cakes, Scones, Biscuits, Muffins, Sauces, Soups and Gravy


    2) Perfection Bakers Flour – Code 36395

    Versatile and superior protein strength flour milled from a carefully selected blend of hard wheats.
    Applications: Breads and rolls, Pastries, Pasta, Noodles, Flat/Turkish bread, Tortillas


    3) Superb Bakers Flour – Code 36360

    This medium-protein flour is milled from wheats selected for the best bread making properties.
    Applications: Breads and rolls, Flat Breads, Pizza Bases, Tortillas, Puff Pastry, Pasta, Traditional Fruit Cakes


    4) Soft Flour – Code 36301

    This low protein flour is milled from wheats selected for the best cake and batter making properties.
    Applications: Biscuits, Cakes, Batters, Crepes


    5) Self Raising Flour – Code 36273

    Fine white flour obtained from milling white wheats and carefully blended with raising agents.
    Applications: Batters, Cakes, Scones, Biscuits, Muffins


    6) Wholemeal Flour – Code 26734

    100% wholemeal flour specially milled to contain all the constituents of the wheat grain and have best bread making properties.
    Applications: Wholemeal & Fibre Breads, Cakes, Muffins

    Specialty Flour Collection

    Experience Our Specialty Flour Collection…

    Our unrivalled success stems from extensive technical knowledge and expertise in the varietal selection, procurement, storage and milling of wheat.


    1) Premium Biscuit Flour – Code 25121

    White low protein flour ideal for making biscuits.
    Applications: Biscuits, Cakes, Batters


    2) Crumpet Flour – Code 36253

    Fine, white, medium protein strength chlorinated flour specially milled from wheats selected for the best crumpet making properties.
    Applications: Crumpets, Batters


    3) 90/10 Bakers Meal – Code 36220

    Strong, cream coloured flour with wheat bran from the blending of wholemeal and bakers flour designed to give excellent bread performance.
    Applications: Fibre Breads, Flat Breads


    4) P-Farina Flour (OO Flour) – Code 36310

    This premium low-ash flour is produced using low extraction milling techniques for best noodle manufacturing performance. Note: Also available in P-Farina Extra White Flour
    Applications: Noodles, Steamed Buns, Dim Sims, Pastries


    5) Sharps Flour – Code 23985

    Fine granular flour manufactured from a mixture of fine semolina, flour and bran particles.
    Applications: Flat Breads, Artisan Breads, Dusting


    6) Pie & Pastry Flour – Code 36398

    This medium protein strength flour is excellent for a wide range of bakery products.
    Applications: Pies & Sausage Rolls, Pastries, Danishes, Biscuits, Muffins, Cakes, Batters


    7) Semolina – Code 36266

    Creamy coloured coarse free flowing particles from the white endosperm of premium wheats specifically chosen to give texture in bakery and coating products. Note: Also available in Fine Semolina
    Applications: Pasta, Artisan Breads, Dusting


    8) Stoneground Meal – Code 36342

    100% wholemeal flour using the ancient process of stone milling to retain all the goodness of the wheat grain.
    Applications: Wholemeal and fibre breads, Cakes, Muffins, Health Food Products


    9) Whitecap Flour – Code 36316

    A low-ash fine flour produced using low extraction milling to produce a superior white colour excellent for frozen pastries. Note: Also available Whitecap Extra White Flour
    Applications: Breads, Pastries


    Specialty Grain Collection

    Experience Our Range of Specialty Grain Collection…

    We pride ourselves on superior quality specialty grain products. Our wide range is carefully selected and prepared to save time and space in your bakery.


    1) Coarse Bran – Code 26241

    Coarse bran flakes carefully produced to optimise flavour and texture in bakery products.
    Applications: Baked Goods, Cereals


    2) Specialty Grain Mix – Code 100526

    A blend of nutritious grains and whole seeds including rye, wheat, mungbeans, linseed, maize, sunflower and millet designed to simply add to basic doughs to make breads with a variety of textures and flavours.
    Applications: Grain Breads, Health Bars


    3) Light Rye Flour – Code 70417

    Cream colour rye flour with fine bran specks from selected rye grains for best bread making properties. Note: Also available in Dark Rye Flour
    Applications: Specialty Breads


    4) Maize Flour – Code Maize 1

    The floury endosperm of carefully selected maize hybrids milled to a nominated particle size for best performance. Note: Also available in Maize Semolina, Maize Polenta #1 and Maize Polenta #2
    Applications: Pasta, Tortillas, Corn Chips, Extruded Snacks


    5) Farmers Grain – Code 100702

    Blend of grains (wheat, rye, linseed) designed to simply add to basic doughs to make breads with a variety of textures and flavours.
    Applications: Grain Bread, Health Bars


    6) Kibbled Blend – Code 100146

    Blend of kibbled rye and triticale grains producing a visible crunchy dark grains appearance and rye flavour in bakery products.
    Applications: Rye Grain Breads


    7) Rye Meal – Code 70415

    Creamy coloured 100% wholegrain rye meal with bran specks that delivers traditional flavour and coarser texture to bread products.
    Applications: Specialty Breads

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